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A European Health Alternative

Auriculomedicine represents a new scientific paradigm in the field of alternative and complementary medicine. The roots of Auriculomedicine intertwine with the age-old clinical lore of Traditional Asian Medicine, Western naturopathy and homeopathy. But, also, with the latest scientific contributions of modern posturology. As it evolved over the last half-century, the expression of Auriculomedicine has increasingly found enlightening connections with the latest discoveries of contemporary neurophysiology.

Simply put, Auriculomedicine is the most advanced form of Ear Acupuncture in the world today. It uses the external ear (auricle) in the diagnosis and treatment of a large number of pain and functional disorders.

Dr Marc LeBel has devoted over 35 years to the study and practice of natural pain relief. He was mentored and certified by Paul Nogier, MD, the inventor and the world's leading authority in Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine. Through extensive training and his own research, Dr. LeBel has routinely found and continues to find solutions for his patients' conditions where none had conventionally surfaced.