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About Dr. LeBel

In 1991, after 9 years of preceptorship work with Dr. Paul Nogier,  Dr. LeBel became the first American member of the Ecole Internationale Paul Nogier (EIPN) --the Paul Nogier International School. Formed exclusively of Dr. Nogier's direct students, the school's mission is to uphold the spirit and safeguard the integrity of Dr. Paul Nogier's teachings and inventions as well as to promote and maintain the highest standards of practice in the primary healthcare modalities of Dr. Nogier's creations: Auriculomedicine and Auriculotherapy.

The leading and most-extensively trained practitioner in the field of Dr. Paul Nogier's Auriculomedicine in North America, Dr LeBel's work is focused on private practice and publishing in the field of Auriculomedicine and Posturology. As founding vice-president of ICAMAR.org (The International College of Auriculomedicine and Auriculotherapy Review), he currently dedicates his off-practice time to working with a dynamic group of international colleagues -- many of whom were Paul Nogier's early direct students and now, all friends and colleagues for over three decades --   to round out the publishing of Dr. Nogier's works in English. 

Dr. Marc LeBel received his Masters in Comparative Literature from the University of Sherbrooke, Canada. He began his Ph. D. in the department of  Comparative Literature, Carleton University, Ottawa, shortly before being posted as Assistant Chair of the English Department, University of Gabon's Ecole Normale Superieure in Libreville, Gabon, under the aegis of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). At the end of his posting, he enrolled at the New England School of Acupuncture, Boston, and, subsequently, at the California Acupuncture College, Los Angeles, where he graduated [1980] and later earned a doctorate in Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.) [1983]. Dr. LeBel retired as Academic Dean and Clinical Director of the College in September 1986. He holds a Diploma in Advanced Acupuncture from the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China [1984]; a Doctorate in Homeopathy (H.M.D.) from the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy (London, UK) [1991]. He completed his premed studies at Patten College, Oakland, CA in 1993 and sat for his MCAT at UCLA in 1994. He is an associate member of the California Medical Homeopathy Association and the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM); Fellow of the Auriculomedicine and Auriculotherapy Academy (AMATA), he is also certified by the American Association of Medical Naturopathy (N.M.D.). He is a California Acupuncture Board certified acupuncturist and a former California Acupuncture State Board examiner