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Based on your specific needs, a balanced combination of one or more of the modalities listed below will be chosen to effect the best  posssible results for you.

Traditional Chinese Medicine   123

Blends ancient healing wisdom to contemporary scientific, holistic thinking. Somatic points stimulation, herbal treatments, movement and breathing techniques and/or relaxation exercises may be recommended to re-establish vital balance in your mind and body.

Soft-tissue Massage/ Acupressure

Providing muscle tension release and realignment of your body segments for a fitter, more flexible and pain-free you.


Homeopathy, Gemmotherapy; natural medications which utilize minute amounts of herbs and/or minerals to help build up the body's immunity --  to withstand illness; to safely eliminate environmental toxins and other toxic elements often derived from the habitual ingestion of devitalized foods. 

Nutritional Counseling and Food Intolerance Testing

Personalized food-testing through Auriculomedicine determines what your optimal, individual diet ought to be. We've made customized nutrition an integral part of our overall approach to your healthcare. We offer flexible dietary options based on your medical history, body type, needs and goals.


Scientifically-researched and evidence-based standard and/or customized herbal compounds designed to quickly and naturally heal your body. No side effects and no harmful chemical residues.